Wednesday, May 12, 2010

After reading this article do you agree or disagree that President Obama could emarge as one of the greatest World leaders of all time? Please explain your post.

Philip Radford: Will Obama Make History Out of Oil Spill Crisis?


  1. Absolutely not... the only reason people are afraid to go against him is of his skin color! I am by far from racist but using our fear of going against the constitutional rights for black rights.... is wrong.. regardless of color or gender if they suck in that office ... they need to get out of that office... WAKE UP AMERICA stop being so complacent about this... hes going to put us into the ground and bury our strength for no other reason then because he can! Hes a Marxist for crying out loud and has not only other Marxist followers surrounding him but communists!!! Sarah Palin even admitted to saying that she follows the guidance of a known communist that we ourselves defeated in china! Come on how much more proof do we need?

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  3. President Obama would, without doubt, be placed at the top of world leadership in history, if he were to begin our notion's independence. If he were to exclude the need of oil from other countries by reducing our nation's dependence on oil in a whole, this in fact would allow our country to be more independent and to stand firmly on their own. I strongly believe "finger pointing" does not resolve the situation at hand. Our nation's leader must take a stand not just for our country but for our world. President Obama could reduce the need for war, since the underlying issue of war is the need for oil. Cutting war costs could boost our economy by reducing the U.S. debt and not adding more debt. Last but definitely not least, this would immensely help our "green" efforts by reducing pollution in our ozone and reducing harmful and deadly pollutants in our oceans, hence putting him as a leader for the world not just our nation. President Obama could pave the roads of our future, for leaders of other countries to hopefully follow.